In a few of my classes I was given the opportunity to try crickets in various foods. While I was not opposed to the idea I couldn’t get my head around the crunch, the texture and the look. Fast forward to the past few months ago when I discovered cricket based protein bars and powders. For me this is a sustainable meat alternative with a smaller environmental impact! I wanted to try a few different brands to see if I liked them and if could get my head around the thought of eating crickets. Keep reading to hear my thoughts! 

Why Crickets?

It’s no surprise that the meat industry is incredibly taxing on the environment. From the water use, to greenhouse gas production it is not environmentally sustainable on a large scale. While I am not a vegetarian I do try to reduce my meat intake and eat a majority plant based diet. I am always looking to add more environmentally sustainable choices in my diet. 

Crickets can be produced with much less environmental impact that cows, pigs and chickens. They require less water and land and produce 80 times less greenhouse gases than cows.

Crickets are an interesting concept as a meat alternative. Many vegans and vegetarians that I have spoken to would eat crickets or other insects if they believe it is more environmentally sustainable choice. I also know many people who won’t consider eating crickets as a protein source.

Nutritionally Adequate? 

Crickets are a complete source of protein containing all of the essential amino acids. They also contain vitamin B12, iron, zinc, magnesium and even a small amount of calcium. Crickets are a source of fibre as well. 

There is some evidence that people with shellfish allergies may also be allergic to crickets. All of the bars and protein powders I tried had clear warnings on the label about this potential allergy association.

The Bars

Coast Cricket Protein Bar

Coast Protein Bars come in two flavours: Peanut Butter and Dark Chocolate Raisin. This is a local BC company and bars can be bought online or found in many stores around Vancouver. At UBC our bookstore sells both flavours for $3.99 each. 

I liked both bars equally and I would have never known by tasting them that these were made with crickets! In the future I would buy both flavours again. 

The Coast Protein team just launched a new cricket protein powder this week. There are two flavours: chocolate and vanilla. 

Crickstart IQ Bar

Crickstart IQ Bars only come in one flavour – Cocoa Coconut. I did not love this flavour probably since shredded coconut is the first ingredient. However this bar definitely didn’t taste of crickets (what do crickets even taste like anyways?) and I am sure if there was a different flavour I would enjoy it more. Crickstart is a Canadian company base out of Montreal. 

Crickstart also makes crackers, snack mixes smoothie mixes  using cricket powder,

Cricket Protein Powder

Healthy Cricket

When I started my research into cricket protein powders this was the only Canadian protein powder I could find. Healthy Cricket is an Albertan company however this brand doesn’t appear to exist since I bought this in the spring and their social media hasn’t been updated since May. However I thought I would share my thoughts on using a cricket based protein powder. The Healthy Cricket protein powder was slightly flavoured with vanilla and caramel but I did not notice a strong taste which I prefer when adding to smoothies. It did not have an aftertaste. The 33.6g packet contained 20g of protein and 5g of fibre.

If this product came back onto the market I would try it again. In the future I plan to try out some of Coast Proteins new protein powders

Overall Thoughts

I am a full supporter of eating crickets and other insects as a more sustainable meat alternative. The bars and powders were much more my thing than eating crickets in other forms. I encourage you to try a cricket product if you see any at your local store! Let me know your thoughts and if you prefer any other cricket or insect based products!


This is not sponsored and all opinions of the products are my own!