Holly Heximer is a 5th year UBC dietetics student currently completing her dietetics internship at Kelowna General Hospital with Interior Health Authority. After graduating she plans to work rurally as a clinical dietitian.

Holly is an avid traveller, cook, and foodie and these interests inspired her to start Journey of a Wandering Foodie as a way of reflection of the food and culture around food she experiences on her travels and adventures both internationally and locally.

Holly grew up in Rossland, BC in a home surrounded by fruit trees and vegetable gardens. One of her first memories was planting her own pear tree in her childhood backyard with her father. She has many fond memories of cooking with her parents while growing up. Holly was a member of the BC Biathlon Team which sparked her interest in sports nutrition, which led her to visiting a dietitian for the first time. After this first encounter with dietetics she knew this was a career path she wanted to explore.

Holly has volunteered internationally multiple times with an HIV Clinic on the island of Roatan in Honduras. While living in Honduras she was able to experience the cultural and local foods and learn the traditional ways of eating and harvesting food. In fact, she lived in a mango treehouse where she could pick fresh mangos for breakfast every morning. Witnessing the connections between nutrition, poverty and HIV led her to take an intensive course on HIV Prevention and Care through UBC and Saint Pauls Hospital in Vancouver.

Holly has a particular interest in Celiac’s Disease. She has written for the PlantedNetwork on celiac disease and the associated limitations for community meals. She plans to continue writing about celiac disease on this blog including challenges when traveling abroad.

Holly making pizza at age 3.

Holly making pizza at age 3.