I was very excited to receive my July Oatbox as I missed receiving my granola in the mail the past few months. I skipped my May and June Oatboxes due to allergies and the flavour options. The skipping process was very simple and can be done online.  The two July granola blends were Mango & White Chocolate Granola and Almond Crunch & Millet Granola. I use granola in a variety of ways such as on top of yogurt or a smoothie bowl, alone as a snack or even in baking as I did this month in Mango Muffins! 

Oatbox sends out two 380g bags of granola in their two monthly featured flavours each month. All of the Oatbox granola is handmade in Montreal. It costs $20 a month, including taxes and shipping. You can preview the flavours and ingredients each month and have the option to swap out a bag with one of their regular granola blends. They also offer some certified gluten-free granola blends.  Oatbox provides flexibility by allowing you to skip boxes if you don’t need more granola or dislike that months blends. In your first box you get a little glass container to take your granola on the go with you! Check out my December review to see what your first box might look like.

Mango & White Chocolate Granola

As soon as I received this Mango and White Chocolate Granola I knew it would go perfectly with a  mango smoothie bowl. It certainly didn’t disappoint.  This is a perfect summer granola blend! 

Almond Crunch & Millet Granola

This granola features almonds, millet, flaxseed and bran. It contains 6 g of fibre per serving and 6 g of sugar. I try to choose granolas or cereals with less than 6 g of sugar per serving. This granola meets my criteria for fibre and sugar so this is a perfect breakfast granola for me! 


One of my favourite features of this service is the two recipes Oatbox sends along with your granola. The recipes are usually unique and feature the monthly granola.  This month included a recipes for Mango Muffins and a Breakfast Pie. I made the Mango Muffins which incorporated the granola into the batter. They were great summer muffin to take on a picnic or a hike. 

Try Oatbox

The August blends look great and I can’t wait to get these in the mail! The blends are Kiwi & Coconut Granola and Peach & Pumpkin Seed Granola. If you sign up in August you will receive these two blends. If you would like to try Oatbox you can use my referral link and save $5 off your first box which will include two granola blends and a glass jar to store some granola!