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Eating after Wisdom Teeth Surgery

I recently got all four of my wisdom teeth removed. I am the type of person that does not handle being hungry very well. Hangry is a very real feeling for me. Without the ability to chew properly I was very limited in my options for eating in the days following my surgery. Here are a few tips for snacks, meals and staying full that I used to avoid that hangry feeling! 

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OatBox December Review

I have always loved getting packages in the mail. I also have a love for oats. Overnight oats, or just be eating granola by the handful is one of my favourite breakfasts and snacks. OatBox combines those loves and I couldn’t be happier with my first box!  Car2Go offered their members a free box as a holiday gift I couldn’t pass this opportunity up. I am so happy with this box I have continued my subscription and am receiving another box mid January! 

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My Resolution: Reduce Food Waste

I have never made a new years resolution before. This year I have a goal I have been thinking about for a while. I would like to reduce the amount of food I waste. Specifically for the month of January I would like to have zero waste of useable food in my kitchen. My university and residence is lucky to have composting facilitates. This allows me to compost any vegetable or fruit scraps that I have. However composting useable food should only be a last resort before the landfill – we really should be eating this food! So many Canadians do not have enough food to eat, yet we waste so much!

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Rustic Roots: Reconnecting with Food

My faculty recently held our annual community dinner. The theme this year was Rustic Roots, and each of the five courses included a personal story about reconnecting to our food. My classmates and friends spoke about their connections with food. Everyone’s story about connecting to the roots of their food was different. Some people’s stories involved catching fish with their family, others involved the creative side to food, and some stories were about the connections we make eating as a family. Their stories inspired me to further explore my story and the connections I have with my food. 

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Chef’s Plate Review: November 14 – 20

Chef’s Plate is a meal delivery service that delivers ingredients for recipes of your choice to your door. I did not have to spend time trying to figure out if I have all of the ingredients to make a certain dish – everything I needed was delivered! My first delivery was great so I decided to order Chef’s Plate again during a busy week of school assignments and presentations. I live alone and I found buying the three-meal plan was too much food for leftovers so I chose the two-meal plan. For the two-meal plan you do have to pay $6 in shipping. I was very pleased with the fish I received last time I ordered so I knew I wanted another seafood dish and the Lemon and Za’atar Basa dish sounded perfect! The Moroccan Turkey Tenderloin sounded like a great second dish. 

chefs plate upcoming deliveries

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My Contribution Towards World Hunger

Roatan, Honduras has a very special place in my heart as I have volunteered with Familias Saludables twice on the island. After my initial 3 week trip in 2010, I decided to live and volunteer on the island after I graduated from high school in 2012. It was on Roatan that I found my passion for working in the fields of HIV and nutrition. I spent most of my time volunteering  as a teacher for a school for children affected by HIV, now called Charmont Bilingual Academy.  The experiences I had as a teacher has shaped my career path and the courses that I have chosen to take. I am currently taking an International Nutrition course and as a component, I was given the question ‘What will you do to help stop world hunger?‘  and  what actions you would take to reduce world hunger. Immediately, I knew that I wanted to take an action that would relate to Honduras! Continue reading to learn more about what I did and my personal reflections on my action.  

holly and students in Honduras

Some of my students and during a holiday celebration at school.

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Pumpkin Overnight Oats

Overnight oats is one of the only ways I make it to morning lectures on time and with breakfast. While I have many favourite variations of overnight oats using pumpkin is my go-to during the fall! Pumpkin overnight oats is my way of participating in the pumpkin spice trend each fall without spending money on a pumpkin spice lattes every morning.

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DIY Microwave Popcorn

Popcorn is one of my favourite snacks. Popcorn is a whole grain, high in fibre, low in fat and very affordable! Living in a student residence at my university I do not have enough storage space for an air popper, and I prefer to avoid all the added chemicals found in many microwave popcorns. As a solution to these challenges I discovered a way to DIY Microwave Popcorn! This has changed my snack game, and I am amazed at how easy and cheap it is to make! Every time I share how easy it is to make my friends are mind blown so I figured it was time for a blog post dedicated just to making it!   Continue reading

The Dark Table Review


The Dark Table is a restaurant in Kitsilano that allows you to experience dining in the dark. I had heard great things of the Dark Table before but never had the opportunity to visit. My mother was visiting and we decided this would be a fun choice for dinner. We did not make a reservation, which I would recommend, but after waiting for about 20 minutes they were able to fit us in due to a cancellation.

You are given the menu outside where you can make your choices for your beverages, starters, mains and deserts. They have two pricing options; a starter, main and desert for $39, or you choice of a main and either a starter or a desert for $33. The starters and deserts are a surprise dish but for the main you have a choice out of five dishes. I chose the goat cheese and date stuffed chicken with roast potatoes while my mother chose the fresh ravioli with jalapeno and rosemary cream sauce. Before you enter you are asked to turn off your cellphone to ensure the space remains completely dark. Continue reading

My Favourite Foodie and Nutrition Blogs

These are a few of the food and nutrition blogs I read often. Many of my favourite recipes come from some of these blogs. I also find a lot of inspiration to cook from these blogs. I encourage you to check out some of my favourite recipes I have mentioned below. The blogs I mention are written by registered dietitians and are trustworthy sources of nutrition information.

Fraiche Nutrition

Fraiche Nutrition is written by dietitian Tori and always features fun and nutritious recipes. Her recipes are very seasonal, and often uses local ingredients. A recent favourite has been her Plum, Thyme and Gouda Pizza.

Desiree Nielsen, RD

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