The Dark Table is a restaurant in Kitsilano that allows you to experience dining in the dark. I had heard great things of the Dark Table before but never had the opportunity to visit. My mother was visiting and we decided this would be a fun choice for dinner. We did not make a reservation, which I would recommend, but after waiting for about 20 minutes they were able to fit us in due to a cancellation.

You are given the menu outside where you can make your choices for your beverages, starters, mains and deserts. They have two pricing options; a starter, main and desert for $39, or you choice of a main and either a starter or a desert for $33. The starters and deserts are a surprise dish but for the main you have a choice out of five dishes. I chose the goat cheese and date stuffed chicken with roast potatoes while my mother chose the fresh ravioli with jalapeno and rosemary cream sauce. Before you enter you are asked to turn off your cellphone to ensure the space remains completely dark. Continue reading