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Rustic Roots: Reconnecting with Food

My faculty recently held our annual community dinner. The theme this year was Rustic Roots, and each of the five courses included a personal story about reconnecting to our food. My classmates and friends spoke about their connections with food. Everyone’s story about connecting to the roots of their food was different. Some people’s stories involved catching fish with their family, others involved the creative side to food, and some stories were about the connections we make eating as a family. Their stories inspired me to further explore my story and the connections I have with my food. 

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U-Pick Berries in BC

One of my favorite summer activities is picking berries. Whether it is picking raspberries from my neighbours yard, picking huckleberries on hikes with my family, or visiting a U-Pick blueberry farm I can’t get enough of this summer delight. While summer is coming to an end, I thought I would share some of my favorite ways to use U-PickĀ berries to inspire berry picking for next summer. Continue reading